1-on-1 Tutoring

Every child is approached individually with an initial assessment. The collected data drives the individual instruction, supports parents with necessary tools and strategies to utilize in between sessions, and most importantly, reiterates that learning can and will be achieved through differentiation and purposeful instruction.  My unique approach to guiding, teaching, and exploring with children and youth of all ages is achieved through establishing and maintaining open communication, consistent check-ins with learners and families, flexibility, and compassion. We are all human, and there is no “one way” OR “right way” for any person to learn and develop at a given age. 


  • Gifted and Talented evaluations and preparation (Pre-K through 2nd grade)

  • Hunter evaluations and preparation (Pre-K; 6th grade)

  • English Language Arts (Pre-K through 12th grade)

  • Traditional reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and phonemic awareness

  • Creative Writing and Freedom of Expression 

  • Math enrichment and remediation (Pre-K through 8th grade)

  • Social and Emotional Learning and Coaching (Pre-K through Post Graduate Studies)

  • STEAM (Pre-K through Post Graduate Studies)

Individual Sessions:

** Pricing is based on length of session 

  • 45 minutes (Pre-K-K)

    • Parents are encouraged to stay, learn, and participate to enrich at home practice

  • 1 hour (K and up!)

    • Parents are welcome to stay, supporting at home implementation of taught skills and strategies.