Developing Empathetic Education with Dana (D.E.E.D.) is grounded in celebrating every effort that leads to limitless possibilities. I believe we all hold internal superpowers that promote confidence, curiosity, and a rich love for exploration and discovery. By actively infusing conscious breathing, remaining open and aware of our emotions, and graciously welcoming the extraordinary, we will embrace fear with love and guidance. Each practice leads us towards boldly loving our whole self and proving our innate gifts.

Success is measured through a triumphant barometer. 

  • Individual and collective success is celebrated when the learner participates, sharing their powerful voice during 1:1 sessions, with a small workshop, and/or the whole group. Instead of hiding in the back of a room or pretending they don’t know the answer, the learner articulates ideas conquering their fear around the concept of being “right” or “wrong.” All along the way, individual accomplishments affirm the commitment and relentless energy exuded by all.


Students are masters of their own learning.

  • Through experiential and real life discovery, students learn how organic implementation of skills and strategies promote their thirst for clarity, accountability, grit, and responsibility.


Learning and discovery happen in all environments.

  • When stepping into my learning world, be it a classroom, a coffee shop, Central Park, a boardroom, Dylan’s Candy Bar, or sidewalk bench, your child will always feel an outpouring of love and commitment toward their understanding and application of the taught skills and strategies aligned to the Common Core Standards.  


Collaboration and integration fuels all participants. 

  • Our unity demonstrates commitment by actively supporting your child’s process of absorption, expansion, and perseverance. Together, your child will feel tremendous support throughout their life long learning journey. I welcome the opportunity to speak and work with your child’s teachers’ and therapists.


Community building is an essential ingredient in the collective’s evolution.

  • As a passionate advocate for rich social and emotional learning and collaborating with local organizations that support others in need, your child will have a holistic connection to how we all purposefully enhance our world.


Throughout all experiences, learners will: 

  • Own and employ their positively powerful voice. 

  • Ignite and feed their insatiable curiosity. 

  • Be astoundingly present. 

  • Remain open for self discovery, expansive growth, and limitless outcomes!