Opportunities With Dana

As an expert in communication and collaboration, I build strong and inclusive communities that empower and captivate all participants. Partnering with me means designing an expansive program that works in stages to engage each individual and group in a progressive manner, promoting and ensuring growth, awareness, communication, and achievement by all parties.

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Dear Parents, YOU ARE ROCK STARS! Our time together arms you with necessary tools and practices to support you as an individual and as a parent.

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Small group workshops are crafted to support self discovery, positive engagement with peers, and rich learning across all social, emotional, and academic fields.

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Individuals are assessed and purposeful plans are crafted to guide rich instruction. Each learner will receive the personal attention required to master all skills and goals.

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Ms. Dana is the best teacher ever! She wants all her kids to do well and reach their highest potential. She is the most encouraging person I know! Whenever I felt afraid, she made me feel brave. Whenever I felt like I couldn't do something, she made me feel like I could. Whenever I felt shy, she made me realize I could shine. Thanks to her, I have been successful in my later grades. She gave me confidence in my ideas and thoughts that I do not feel scared to share them with others. I don't know where I would be without her. Because of her, I know I can do anything I put my mind to. She will always be very special to me. I'm very lucky I had her as a teacher, and I am so thankful for her! She is the best!!!

~ Ava, 5th grader, NEST+m

Dana Kaplan is an EXTRAORDINARY teacher---particularly of younger kids---who focuses on the social-emotional side. I met Dana when she was my son's kindergarten teacher-- an unexpectedly fabulous one – but she is so much more than that. Dana has a way of thinking about and relating to kids that is highly unusual---and enormously well-received by the kids. She has recently left full-time teaching in NYC and has lit out on her own, offering coaching to both parents and kids, (as well as to teachers who are willing to listen--sadly, too many aren't). If you are a parent struggling with a kid, I highly recommend you reach out for a conversation with her---she may very well be your savior!" 

- Marc Prensky

Dana has been a source of inspiration for our entire family! She knows every child is capable of success in all aspects of life, and works tirelessly to get them to reach BEYOND their full potential.

- Alexandra Cahill


Dear Ms.Dana

I can't express my eternal gratitude to you for supporting me with my school work and helping me believe in myself. Also because of you, I feel more confident in my thoughts and work and you have an amazing way of teaching. I am so grateful for meeting you.

- Jacob, 5th grader, small group workshop



Dana was and still is the only teacher who ever understood my child. She zeroed in on what he needed to help him thrive. My son and my family have learned so much about educating and advocating for the right to a great education in any situation. We live in vibrant juicy color because of Dana!

- Maureen Wright


I can’t thank Ms. Dana enough for what she’s done for me the past few years. Starting at a young age, Ms. Dana started tutoring me when I was in Pre-k. The next year, I got accepted into PS 33, where I was in Ms. Dana’s class. In class, she pushed me out of my comfort zone, knowing that I would thrive there. I started learning and growing a lot more. Throughout my years at PS 33, Ms. Dana has helped me every step of the way, always pushing me to my full potential. Even when she left PS 33, she would help me with my writing skills. At the end of 5th grade, when I started looking and applying for middle schools, she helped me with my applications, showing me how I could grow as a writer, reader and thinker. She helped me prepare for the ISEE tests in the matter of a few months. I wrote essays for schools, with her analyzing every detail that I wrote and helping me see what I could improve on. With her help, I got accepted into Horace Mann, a private school in the Bronx. Without Ms. Dana, I wouldn’t know where I would be right now. I am so thankful for her help and have learned a lot from her. 

- Nara Brunink, age 11


When I first entered Dana’s kindergarten classroom, I remember experiencing wonder, amazement, excitement, appreciation for excellence. I knew then, we had made the right decision. Dana’s kindergarten university did not disappoint.  Our kids learned how to think big and there was much love.  We remember that kindergarten year fondly and with gratitude for setting the gold standard on striving for the very best.

- Betsy Arias, daughter currently in 7th grade at NEST-M


After knowing Dana for many years as a colleague at the same school, I knew that she was the right person to turn to when my son was struggling with reading. Dana immediately identified one of his main issues which was a lack of confidence that was holding him back.  Through a combination of humor, games and subject matter customized to his interests, she formed a strong bond with him even though they have only met via video chat.  Dana has already empowered him and built his confidence in only a few short weeks.  

- Michelle Kurlan Schneider



When I observe my now 11-year-old daughter advocating for herself at Horace Mann Middle School, Dana's teachings and influence are obvious. She met Dana when she was 4, was lucky enough to have her as her kindergarten teacher a year later, and was given the opportunity to regularly work in Dana's classroom with her students as the years went on. Our entire family has learned so much from Dana about harnessing the true potential of our children - she is the best educator we have ever met.

- Vanessa Lui


Dana's passion for working with children and families is truly seen as she ignites the best within every child by pushing them beyond their comfort zone while giving the child confidence to conquer all challenges.  We call Dana the child whisperer. My husband thought the baseball team he coaches could even benefit from her expertise with children!

- Shannon Mulvihill



Dana Kaplan is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. I can say this with confidence, with 2 children and many teachers since we stepped into her classroom 6-1/2 years ago. I have never experienced anyone more passionate about seeing children succeed, and by succeed I don’t mean just academically. She pours out her soul to giving you her best. She embraces a whole child learning model in the very best way and has a true gift for pushing children to be the best version of themselves, and has done so for mine. We are so fortunate and blessed to enter into Dana’s new world of learning and have this opportunity to continue on this journey with her.

- Joanna Park Sohn