Parent and Family Workshops

Dear Parents, YOU ARE ROCK STARS! Our time together supports you honoring yourself as an individual first! In order for you to comfortably AND confidently wear the myriad of hats you’ve acquired, it’s critical you allow yourself opportunities for self-care. In doing so, you will organically support, guide, nurture, and love everyone around you! Each workshop is intended to help you shift from checking boxes to experiencing life as limitless opportunities with your family! To cultivate and sustain awareness, positive communication, and experiencing each day with wonder, we will explore the imperativeness of you showing and sharing your feelings and emotions, recognizing when we react instead of respond, and creating positive self talk to model the positive power that lies within each of us!

  • Workshops are individualized and provide necessary practices requested by participants 

  • Guide parents and groups on ways to shift one’s paradigm from Challenges to Opportunities

  • Structure and continuation of workshops are based upon participants needs 

  • Partner with families to develop functional behavior plans and schedules to support all members growing and utilizing their positively powerful voice

Topics Include:

  • Effective Communication: 

  • parent to parent, parent to child, parent to teacher, child to teacher 

  • Utilizing positive praise to create the most impact

  • Change your thoughts, change your actions 

  • Responding vs Reacting

  • Empowering your child

  • Equitable parenting strategies 

  • Understanding the different approaches to Gifted Education and General Education

  • Creating and sustaining positive working relationships with individuals working with your child

  • Advocating for your child in all facets of their learning journey

  • Understanding your child’s learning needs and styles

  • Helping your child discover their passions

  • Parents, YOU MATTER! Take time for YOU!

  • Employing and teaching healthy boundaries