Schools and Businesses

As an expert in communication and collaboration, I build strong and inclusive communities that empower and captivate all participants. Partnering with me means designing an expansive program that works in stages to engage each individual and group in a progressive manner, promoting and ensuring growth, awareness, communication, and achievement by all parties. Throughout our collaboration, I will meet with individuals, small groups, and the entire team to outline and ensure collective understanding of goals and opportunities for expansive growth. The process will be enriched by behavioral modeling and community building experiences. My ultimate goal for each participant is to awaken unprecedented energy knowing they have a team of people rallying and striving towards personal and professional growth. Together, limitless opportunities will unfold for everyone because the entirety of the group will uplevel from the time we spend together!

Topics Include and are not limited to: 

  • Emotional Intelligence

    • Internal and External Partnerships 

    • Team building 

    • Effective Communication practices and tools 

      • Written and Oral communication

Past and current collaborations:

  • Develop and lead Social and Emotional Learning workshops for schools, parents, small groups, and businesses  

  • Working 1:1 with grade teams and department chairs to support academic differentiation while employing Social and Emotional practices 

  • Partner with entire schools to restructure their approach to teacher and team collaborations 

  • Partner with youth programs to support leadership and volunteer opportunities for teens and young adults.

  • Observe children in their school, home, and social settings; create personalized social, emotional, and academic learning plans intended for implementation across all arenas.