Small Group Workshops

Emotional Intelligence is the driving force behind all workshops, inviting personal awareness on how and why emotions influence our responses and reactions.  By embracing, understanding, and allowing our emotions to flow, we model healthy platforms for all humans to express themselves safely and without judgement. As young leaders, your child will design, communicate, guide, and implement through the lens of real world experiences. Each workshop is carefully crafted and filled with learners that strive for personal growth, positive engagement with peers, and hold an unstoppable desire to crush their toughest barriers.  Differentiated learning styles and needs create every group, cultivating a foundation that invites collaborative and cooperative virtual and real life experiences. All participants commit to showing their self and others kindness, respect, and consideration during each session. Participants are given ample opportunities to collaborate with partners, supporting personal and collective understanding, awareness, and implementation of positive problem solving strategies by using their powerful voice.

  • Academic Workshops: 

To adequately prepare and design each exploration, all participants committing to academic workshops must have a private assessment with me before being placed in a group.  I believe in teaching all learners on an independent level within a collective group. By designing each academic workshop to meet the needs of YOUR CHILD NOW, your learner will authentically and cooperatively experience exponential expansion in a short period of time! Your scholar will be placed with others that are striving and thriving in a similar range; age and grade will be considered, and neither are the determining factors for where your child will be placed. My niche approach cohesively blends learning and growth as each participant honors and actively owns their learning journey.  When choosing to work with me, you and your child will experience limitless opportunities that ignite commitment, flexibility, determination, and independence.  

         **The assessment investment is an additional fee. 

  • Enrichment Workshops: 

January 2021 is our opportunity to empower and ignite your wondrous learner's interests and unleashing boundless possibilities for each participant. Enrichment workshops are crafted to meet the individual and collective needs of the group.  EVERY ROCK STAR will organically use their powerful voice to express when additional support and clarification is needed as well as articulating and modeling learned skills and strategies with ease. Nothing brings more excitement than receiving suggestions from learners! If your ROCK STAR has suggestions on areas they want to explore or expand on, please let me know! Our time together is purposeful today, and more, for all of the tomorrows!


   Workshop Details:  

  • 3 week cycle Investment: $600

  • X2 week, 1.5 hours (*times of day and day of the week will be determined once groups are ready to launch)

  • Maximum participants per group

    • Academic workshops: 6 participants

    • Enrichment workshops: 8 participants 

  • Mixed age groups 

  • No make up sessions if student misses the workshop