Imagine how your child would thrive with an educational shift. Envision your learner being honored with authenticity, transparency, and integrity in taking risks, facing fears and achieving self-acceptance. Picture success accessed through the bold intrinsic power to crush internal and external barriers. 

That’s my empathetic education philosophy. I’m here for you and your family as a consultant, tutor and partner in academic, social, and emotional learning. I am a master educator who will excite and show your child infinite possibilities, paving the way for them to embrace their authentic self in every facet of life.

creating boundless growth


Dana believes that learning can be achieved in all environments, never depending on, or expecting, the four walls of a classroom to be the best place to learn. Dana’s work demonstrates how organic implementation of skills and strategies through experiential and real life discovery allows students to become masters of their own learning. Moreover, Dana has collected data from students and families over the past 15 years that proves implementation of learned skills and strategies can be achieved through rich social and emotional learning, community building, and collaborating with local organizations that support others the less fortunate.  Fostering and enforcing real life learning positively impacts every student’s overall psycho-social and emotional development, confidence, awareness of oneself in the world, and strength to ask for support in all learning arenas


Why do we put things off? How can we face our fears head on? How can I be more involved in my child's social and academic growth?  These are all questions I want to walk alongside you in answering! Check out the different opportunities I provide to do so!


I believe in empowering and equipping everyone with the information necessary to grow! Take a look at my compiled resources and check back for updates!